The aim of clæne is to give discarded fabrics of any origin a rebirth; where structural techniques have been developed into an aesthetically driven mechanism to cleanse a fabric of its perceived dirty origins, transforming and displacing it from a previous use, bridging the void between disgust and purity. 

The transient nature and movement in the pleats invites the body to move and explore the intimate spaces found within the cloth, building a home between the folds. Combined with the delicate and ethereal nature of the final outcomes, clæne creates an emotional and physical respect between the wearer and the cloth, encouraging the body to form a long lasting relationship. 



Designer Nessie Croft

Creative Direction Olivia Smythe & Nessie Croft

Styling Olivia Smythe 

Photographer  Stuart Chenn

HMUA Maddison Kate 


Clare Walker & Tiahnee Skrijel